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screenshot of Google secure site with HTTPS designation

SSL No Longer Optional for Your Website


For the past several years, Google Chrome has been working toward a more secure web by advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption (instead of the default HTTP). For example, without an SSL certificate your website would be labeled HTTP://www.yourwebsite.com.

In this previous blog post, we talked about how to set up an SSL certificate in order to switch your site to HTTPS.

Now it’s even more important for you to make the switch, because Google Chrome has announced SSL will no longer be optional.

Starting now, Google Chrome 68 will start labeling all websites without SSL as Not Secure.

image example of Google Chrome labeling a website as Not Secure

Adding an SSL certificate to your site will show visitors that your site is secure. If you are using WordPress, it will also protect your login form and help keep any other forms on your website secure.

If you haven’t already updated your website to use SSL, you should do it soon. If you need help, your website host should be able to assist. (Or contact Sink Web Design – we’re happy to help!)

Most hosting companies provide an SSL certificate for free with your hosting account, so you should check with your host to see what they offer. Ask them if your account already has an SSL certificate and if your site needs to be upgraded in order to use one (this varies from host to host, depending on the type of account you have). They may be able to set it up for you, for a small fee. If you need a host recommendation, we like 9 Planets Hosting (which is the company that hosts this website).

FYI: 9 Planets offers FREE SSL certificates with all of their hosting accounts, and the certificates are automatically activated for you. If you have a WordPress website, all you need to do on your end is make sure that your site is configured to run on SSL. Again, check out this article on the steps to take, or contact 9 Planets Hosting or Sink Web Design — or your own website host — today.


Is your site all ready to go? Do you have any questions or thoughts about SSL certificates? Please share in the comments below. You never know who might read your words and benefit from your knowledge and experience.

And if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered here in the blog, please let us know.


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