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Website Planning, Website Design and Resdesign, Web Care Monthly Maintenance, and Additional Extra Special Help for All the Little Things!

  • When your website is complete and online at last, but you don’t know what to do next, or how to take care of it on a regular basis
  • When the idea of updating or securing the foundation of your website makes your brain hurt, and you’d rather have me take care of it for you
  • Because you have big goals for your business and want your focus to be on those plans, not on updating systems, backing up files, or fixing old links
  • Because you invested good money in a strong, beautiful, clear website and want to make sure it keeps running properly and efficiently

Web Care Monthly Website Maintenance

$40 per month
Helpful package to make sure your website is maintained, protected, backed up and secure.

Website Updates

  • Your core website files and WordPress theme will be monitored and updated
  • The functionality of your site’s plugins (used to build all the fun things like events calendars, appointment scheduling, or social media feeds) is monitored and updated

Link Monitoring

  • Your website is scanned daily for broken links or link changes
  • You’ll be alerted if any links on your website need attention
  • You’ll have four options to choose from: edit the link, ignore the link, add a nofollow tag so that the link doesn’t get search engine attention, or remove the link

Regular Website Backups

  • Your entire website (all files, entire database, etc.) is backed up weekly
  • Your saved files go to off-site backup locations
  • You get daily restore points (so you can always roll back to the previous day’s content, if needed)

Monitoring & Protection

  • Your website’s pages are scanned and its code is compared against the known malware knowledge base, searching for infected files and any possible anomalies
  • Preventative hack measures and tools are put in place, including a blacklist check
  • Your website is scanned and flagged for site errors and any outdated software

Database Optimization

  • Your website database will be cleared of excess files and unused bytes that slow it down – this will help keep your site clean and boost its performance.

Monthly Analytics Reports

  • Detailed reports on what’s been done to keep your site updated and secure
  • Monthly Google Analytics report of page views, site traffic and other records (a more detailed report can be read directly in your Google Analytics account, but this gives you a strong snapshot of the month’s activity)

Why have Monthly Website Maintenance?

Whether your bright and shiny website is brand new or has been around the ‘net for a long while, it needs to be kept up-to-date and protected, for these reasons and so many more:

  • Preserve hard-earned traffic, by clearing your site of super-slow page loads
  • Keep connection with your treasured customers, ensuring forms and other website features are up-to-date and working properly
  • Secure your website and all its contents from getting hacked, safeguarding your Google rankings and your standing as a trusted professional

If you don’t know what needs to be done to keep your site up-to-date, or if the idea of taking care of it yourself makes your entire brain glaze over — I’d love to help by providing you with monthly website maintenance support.

Ready for that extra website support?
Have more questions about what all of that Web Care stuff means? No problem!

Support Time Blocks

$75 for 1 Hour Block
Anything over 5 hours needed, and I recommend providing you a direct quote or a day rate instead.

Need occasional general website support or content updates?

For example, updating text on pages, swapping out images, adding a button, changing a price, adding a product or service, all the little things that you need help with and want someone to get done quickly.

Time Blocks allow me to provide support ASAP while eliminating the need for you to pay monthly invoices or invoices for very small amounts.

How It Works

  • You purchase an hourly time block that you can use as needed. The time blocks never expire.
  • When you have a quick task that you need me to do for you, email me the request and include whatever details I’ll need to know. However much time it takes to do the task gets deducted from your time block.
  • When it’s used up, I close that time block and you can purchase a new one, which you can use over the course of a week, a month, even a year, whatever you need.
  • You can purchase more than 1 hour at a time, if you like.

Or, if you contact me and I feel your request is a more extensive project that will take longer than a few hours, I will instead provide you with a specific quote or recommend a day rate.

Excited about all the possibilities and want to dive in for a whole new website?

“Get More Visible Online” Package


Google Business Profile Setup

Get found more easily in your local service areas, with a Google Business Profile. Includes setup and verification.

Custom Google Reviews Link

Get a custom Google Reviews link and send it to your customers. They can post a great review, which helps build trust with potential future customers.

Bing Places Listing Setup

Okay, yes, Google is where it’s at, but some people still use Bing. Why not be found easily there too? Includes setup and verification.

Google Analytics Setup

Helpful to know what’s most popular – see who’s visiting your site, how often, what pages they tend to view, how long they stay on those pages, and other activity records too.

Search Console Setup

Search Console works in conjunction with Google Analytics and provides info on how Google scans, indexes, and serves your website, which in turn helps you monitor and optimize your performance in search results.

Sitemap Submission

So Google can “read” your page content and offer your site as an option in searches. Includes verification of your site with Google through Search Console, and XML sitemap submission using your Google account (can help you set one up if you need assistance).
Let’s set you up with all things Google!

SEO Basics (or Request In-Depth SEO & Tracking)

Requires a Quote customized to fit your specific needs.
(Usually depends on your goals and how many pages require search engine optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

I know, I know… this section has the most tech jargon ever.

But that’s because it’s all about the tech jargon.

Getting your website to rank (and rank highly) for keywords and phrases that people search for when trying to find businesses in your particular area of expertise is highly technical. There’s so much analysis involved.

But don’t be scared!

Woman sitting confused at laptop

The important part is, incremental improvements from this kind of project are designed to improve your ranking in Google searches, grow traffic to your website, and generate more sales.

This type of project requires an in-depth conversation, in order to establish goals and focus on what you need in order to rank. So I won’t go into too much tech jargon in this space.

For a quick overview, your SEO quote would include any and all of the following, and more:

  • Discuss target audience(s).
  • Keyword Research
  • Local Search
  • Site Speed
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  • Alternative Text
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Usability
  • 301 Redirects
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Hire Me for the Day VIP Package

Great for an extra long bullet list of to-do’s you need done on your website, or for help with the smaller projects that can be completed in a day.
Coming Soon!

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