Website Design

Website Planning, Website Design and Redesign, Web Care Monthly Maintenance, and Additional Extra Special Help for All the Little Things!

  • When you need a first-time, shiny brand new website, but haven’t a clue where to start
  • When you already have a website, but it doesn’t feel like the design of it is truly “right”
  • When your website needs “something” to make it better, but you don’t know what
  • When you want a clearer, more engaging website that displays all the important stuff

Website Design or Redesign

Requires a Quote customized to fit your specific needs. Starts from $1750.

User-Friendly Navigation

So people can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily on your website. (Without GPS!)

Clear Content

Customers can see what you’re offering, understand immediately why it’s wonderful, and how they should buy it.

Mobile Responsiveness

Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone… your website looks good on all screens!

Proper Heading Hierarchy

So Google can find all the important stuff on your website and point people to it.

Visual Appeal

Keep it simple with clean, clear design – toss the clutter out!


For those who view your site via screen readers or other assistive aid devices.

Take Your Pick:
Quick Basics Site or Custom Website

Which do you need? If you’re not sure, contact me and we can discuss the best options for you and your business.

Website in a Week!

“Get Started” Basics Website Package
$1797 (set total)

Because this package is designed to get you online quickly, customization for this option is minimal.

We pick a theme — I’ll make recommendations for you, based on your content & feature needs, to help narrow down the decision (yay, less overwhelm!) Then I set up your logo and branding colors, add your content to the pre-built pages, and put the site online. No fuss, no muss.

What you get with this package

What you get with the “Get Started” Basics Website Package:

  • 2 hour initial website planning consultation
  • A beautiful, mobile responsive website that looks good on all screen sizes
  • Built with WordPress using a theme of your choice from a reputable, trusted theme company
  • 4 main website pages —
    • Home / Landing page
    • Services or other Business related page
    • About page
    • Contact page (including contact form, if needed)
  • 1 round of quick revisions (if needed)
  • Basic customization (includes adding your logo and branding colors, but no other major changes to the chosen theme)
  • Installation of my recommended (free) plugins, including a general security plugin to help monitor for hacking or other spam attacks (premium versions are also available at an additional cost)
  • Icons + links to your social media accounts (mailing list forms and setups would be a separate cost)
  • A curated list of links to resources for writing your content, working with SEO, and working with WordPress (especially helpful if you’d like to update the site yourself in the future)

Here's how it works

  1. We have an initial website planning consultation, to discuss your business, your products or services, what your website needs, your style preferences, whether or not you already have a domain and hosting account for your website, all the important stuff.
  2. I make theme recommendations and you choose a theme for me to use as the foundational design of your website.
  3. I send you a checklist of content (photos, copy, logo, etc.) needed for building your website. You upload your content to a designated Google Drive folder.
  4. Work on your website begins!
  5. I send you a link to review the website. If any revisions are needed, you send me a list of what you’d like changed. I make the changes and send you a link to the revised website.
  6. The big day! You approve the website and it goes live online.
  7. Planning for the future – after your website goes online, you may want to make quick revisions (photos, copy, prices, etc.), or maybe you’d like help with program and system updates, or would like to dig into SEO options to help get your website found in searches. I have quick content support blocks, SEO packages, and monthly maintenance web care packages available to help. Just send me a message about what you need!

Customized with Care

Custom Website Package
Starts from $5000 (varies, quote required)

Both the “Get Started” and Custom Website Packages are made with care, but this custom one comes with all the fixings, so to speak.

Whatever you need, we’ll make sure it gets included in the package. We start with a full consultation, I create a project quote that you accept or we revise, I build the site, you review & request any revisions, and we get your site online.

What You Do Next

Here’s what happens when you’re ready for a custom website…


Make an Appointment

Either email me or fill out my contact form to make an appointment for a chat (whatever works best for you: phone, Zoom video call, Skype, or — depending on how local you are — in person).


You talk, I listen

You’ll tell me all about your biz, who your customers are, what needs to be highlighted on your website, what you need your visitors to do, perhaps what pages and features you need on your site.


I create a Project Quote & Prospective Timeline

You read through it, accept and sign the contract, or we revise the quote if it’s not quite what you need.

Then you either provide a down-payment or pay the whole thing upfront, whatever works best for you.

I send you a design-related questionnaire and a list of what I’ll need from you (content, photos, social media info, etc.). And I get started!


Website work begins!

I’ll get to work on a shiny new website that shows exactly who you are, what you offer and how your super brilliant stuff — be it product, service, or overall organization — is exactly what they’re looking for.

You’ll review the site-in-progress and request any necessary revisions.

When the website has your approval, it goes online! 🎉

Extra Special Help!

When you want to take your website to the next level, or just need help with the little things

New Website Planning, or Review of Your Current Site

When you need to talk it through more extensively, or have your current site reviewed for extra guidance

"Web Care" Monthly Website Maintenance Package

When the idea of updating and securing your website makes your brain hurt — you can have me do it

Support Time Blocks for Quick Content Updates on Your Website

When you need me to update something small on your website (photos, text, prices, etc.)

Hire me for the Day VIP Package — Coming Soon!

Great for the long bullet list of to-do's you need done on your website, or for help with the smaller projects.

"Get More Visible Online" Setup & Installation Package

Connect with everything Google (Analytics, Search Console, Reviews, Biz Profile and more)

SEO Basics (or Rich Keyword Analysis Also Available)

All the important tags, titles, descriptions & local schema for browsers to find you easily

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Need help with more than a website?
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