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Seven seconds to gain a customer or lose one. According to Forbes and Business Insider, that’s all it takes for your potential customers to form an impression about you and your business. Yikes! The last thing you want is for your client to see a muddled mess of a website and run away. Your site needs to clearly show them who you are and how you’re going to help them, or they’re going to click elsewhere.

Whether it’s a new design, redesign or completely custom design, one of our main goals is to help you present your best self via a website that’s attractive, well made, clear, warm and engaging.


Do you really need this? Definitely. To be “mobile friendly” (or “mobile responsive”) means your website will work in all major browsers (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and is programmed to shift and resize itself to look good and be clear and readable on all screen sizes, from cell phones to tablets, iPads or big screen desktop monitors.

Why does it matter? Google now ranks you for this. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you could drop to a lower spot in search engine listings and potentially lose customer traffic.



No time, energy or desire to regularly maintain and update your website? Once your website is done, you may need content updated from time to time. Some people prefer to have a professional take care of the little details. We’re happy to update your site at an hourly rate.

Keeping it simple and affordable: if the work takes five minutes, you get charged for five minutes, not a full hour.


What if you want to update it yourself? Perhaps you’ve got experience with WordPress, or you’re new to it but consider yourself someone who likes to learn. Whether you’d like to take control of your site or if you still need a little help from time to time, we can provide WordPress basic training, direct you to the most helpful video tutorials, or create written tutorials if you learn better via step-by-step instructions.


Postcards and brochures: for the times when you need to go “old school” and hand out printed materials. Sometimes people like to take home something tangible, a physical reminder of your work, and most importantly, how and why they should contact you for more. It’s also another great way to tell your story.


We’re not only there at the start of the journey, but with you the whole way. Have questions as we go along? Want to add another feature to the site that goes beyond your original quote? Need training reminders or more help in the future? Whatever you need, we’re happy to help in whatever way we can.

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